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Are top chemistry graduate schools (phd) possible?

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So this semester, it looks like I am getting my first ever  Cs (spectroscopy and physics II). I am super bummed but here are my updated specs and plz let me know what you think.

I am a junior chem major, dance minor, math minor

I go to a "top 100" R1 public university

GPA: 3.3 (3.1 major gpa)

-I completed a summer undergraduate research fellowship at my school two summers ago (biochemistry) and I am currently trying to move away from that kind of research.

-I completed an NSF-REU this past summer at an R2 university. (Theoretical/computational chemistry)

-I have presented my biochemistry research at 1 national conference and 3 regional conferences (will possibly attend another national conference for this)

-I have presented my theoretical research at 1 national conference and I plan on presenting it at ACS meeting and potentially another national conference

-I have one publication where I am first author (theoretical/computational) in a pretty well-known journal

-I have two research mentors that would write me great letters of rec and one professor in quantum chemistry that would also be able to write me a good letter of rec

-have not taken gre yet

Other things: I'm a big advocate for women in stem and I am on the board of my school's feminist group along with the women in stem group on campus (I dont care too much if this helps me get in, but it might)


Before these C's I was hoping to apply to top 10 schools (focusing on theoretical/computational). I'm pretty sure this isn't possible anymore so are top 25 schools doable?

Any suggestions? Should I drop out lol 

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I don't think the C's are the kiss of death at all, especially since they aren't necessarily directly related to your major. I got straight C's in the calculus series but A/A- in all organic and upper division chemistry courses. I am hoping the top schools will realize that I will never use calculus ever again as a synthetic organic chemist and put a lot more weight on my good grades in other courses. 

The rest of your specs look great to me. 

Basically what I am saying is that it might hurt your application a bit but just keep doing well in the courses most directly related to your intended field and keep on performing research. I think you should have a decent chance at some top 10 and good chance at top 25. That's all assuming you do pretty well on the GREs and keep your grades up for the next year and a half.

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