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Writing Sample Mistake?

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I just submitted my grad application, and I realized that I, like a fool, left my class information (MLA format heading w/ my name, professor, class, and date) at the top. The school didn't want me to leave that information on, but how bad is it that I did in your opinion?

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If the app is already turned in (and due) I would just let it go. Unless they are reviewing blindly (which I don't think is common?) this information shouldn't hurt you. I'm sure most programs assume your writing sample is either the result of a course or part of your thesis (in fact some programs prefer that your sample is from a class). It seems like a minor thing that won't really matter in the long run. Imagine a program that doesn't accept someone because they left a heading on their writing sample- who would want to be in a program anyways that values formatting over content?


*Also: if you took the class with someone well known in the field, who knows that might not be a bad thing to have at the top of your paper

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