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Engineer changing careers: MBA vs Alternatives

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This is my first post on grad cafe.  I have been looking at different masters programs for a while now and it would help if I got some third party opinions. 

I am currently a chemical engineer working for a consulting firm, however my bachelors was in biological engineering (renewable energy, ecosystems).  I have worked in this industry for nearly 5 years.  I quickly realized I don't really like what I'm doing because I work on spreadsheets most of the day, little people interaction, and it feels really monotonous.   I definitely want a more people-focused job, but I don't think I'll get there just by staying where I am.  Plus I don't really like working on chemical plants anymore, so this involves changing industries too.  

I'm hesitant to go for an MBA because my undergrad gpa was only a 2.94, and based on what I'm seeing in this forum, if a 3.0 is considered low, I might be out of luck on that front.   I have looked at masters in finance, organizational leadership, and management, but I can't quite decide which one.  I definitely want a more broad masters degree so I can cross industries more easily, and all of those interest me.  Any advice would be helpful, especially if anyone is pursuing an alternative business degree for similar reasons.  

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