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Anyone out there with fully/nearly fully funded SLP MA?

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I know I'm shooting for the moon here, but in my wildest dreams I would love to not drown in debt in the process of getting an SLP MA.  I'd love to hear from anyone who has gotten full (or nearly full) funding, whether through an outside scholarship, fellowship, assistantship, etc.  I'd like to know the specifics of the school/funding source, amount of funding, and why you think you got that funding.

Also, if you care to tell me how realistic this dream is, my stats are below.  I know stats aren't everything but I guess it'll give you an idea.  I'm open to any school but partial to the western US/Canada.

  • US citizen, WA state resident
  • Linguistics BA from Yale University, 3.93 GPA, magna cum laude
  • GRE: 169 verbal, 162 math, 4.5 writing
  • Currently doing online SLP 2nd BA through Utah State (expecting ~4.0 GPA, though not a guarantee)
  • Relevant experience: linguistics research during undergrad, 2 years working as paraeducator in public school autism program

Thank you!


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On 1/3/2018 at 10:52 AM, Rorororosy said:

I am doing a 20 hour assistantship, which covers almost all of my tuition and gives me a stipend of 24k a year. It also allotted me in state tuition for Maryland. 



How did you manage to get 20 hours? Most schools I have visited have said GAs only get 10 hours. Was yours the same and you just requested for double the work?

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Bowling Green State University in Ohio gave me a full tuition waiver for the first year. I also received a large assistantship from both Case Western Reserve University and Miami University (Ohio)  

Many schools offer assistantships to cover the cost of tuition. 

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Check out Texas Christian University. It's a small program but my supervisor went there and when she went, everyone got 100% funding - so it is competitive. But you've got a competitive CV it sounds like! Good luck!

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