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Research/Project assistant positions at TU Delft

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Mind that funding is different in the NL.


Most of my classmates during master's did not have any offers or availability to do paid teaching/research jobs - it's very uncommon actually. Some short stints here (like 1 month of data coding or smthing) and there for the lucky few. Usually these jobs are directed through the department rather than individual profs (funding is usually not tied to a specific prof, although sometimes it happens) - my school just hires 2 fulltime TA/RA's and that's it. Especially TA's are always through the department/university rather than supervisor. RA's varies, and is sometimes available if there's a big grant or a project that needs a little bit of hands on work for a short period of time. 

PhD's are not student and are paid as full-time employees (although lower salary than of course staff). 

Best would just be to check their webpages with job offers; https://www.tudelft.nl/en/about-tu-delft/working-at-tu-delft/search-jobs/  As you can see, not much RA/TA positions at all. You may want to contact the department if they have some RA positions potentially coming up. 


Most students have a part-time job on the side - sometimes related to their major sometimes not (note that for starter/part-time jobs here they often require or prefer people who speak Dutch). Most of my RA projects I did as a volunteer. I was fortunate to be hired as a part-time lab manager - but that was only because I established very good ties with the department during undergrad and they wanted a Dutch speaker and most of my cohort was from abroad or didn't want to work 20 hrs per week extra. One other girl did teaching - but since undergrad is in Dutch they wanted a native speaker again. 

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