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CU Boulder Acceptances

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4 minutes ago, syntheticallene said:

I was accepted at Boulder for Organic on 1/16!

I received a call from a professor on this date. Apparently this year they switched to a new system for their admissions and it had failed to send out emails regarding decisions being made. When she called she had assumed I already knew of the decision. She said that a lot of the professors had found that the students they were calling just to touch base with hadn't even known. Not sure if they are still having issues, but it did take about a week after her phone call for me to receive something in my email regarding the decision.

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On 2/6/2018 at 8:33 AM, Twin229 said:

Just a heads up, I sent an e-mail out and the chem grad coordinator said they are in the final decisions round, with decisions going out 2/14 so, who's ready for more rejection on Valentine's !!??


Did you hear anything today? I didn’t receive an email and nothing is updated on the website.

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