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Websites that allow recruiters to contact you

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When I used to work in the UK, I remember how convenient it was to find a job. All that was needed was for you to upload your pdf resume to a website, and recruiters would then call you for potential job interviews. Are there any similar websites available for job seekers in the US? I've heard that recruiters contact people via LinkedIn, so I'll be sure to make an account there shortly. Aside from that, though, all I've managed to find are websites like indeed.com or ziprecruiter.com that use annoying algorithms to extract information from your uploaded pdf resume and put it into a text-based webpage format that inevitably has many errors requiring more editing. Is there a website that simply allows me to upload my resume in a pdf format (and not have it's contents reformatted to fit a webpage), where recruiters can then view that original pdf and contact me if they have any potential offers?

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