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  1. Anybody here by chance apply for a "Special" (Spring) ETA Fulbright? Deadline was about a week ago or so... here back at the end of August!
  2. not sure about this, but hopefully somebody here has had a similar experience. Best of luck!!
  3. Ended up getting a pdf! For anyone that runs into the same issue, email Embark and they can help.
  4. at-large, unfortunately...
  5. Hi all, Do you guys still have access to your Fulbright app? I'm applying for a special ETA and it would be incredibly useful to be able to access my application, but can't seem to get it. I was given this link: https://apply.embark.com/student/fulbright/usa/29/, but when I try to access the application, I receive this message: "This application is no longer current. To access the most recent version of this application, please go to http://iie.embark.com/apply/usstudent. I don't get any further than that -- there's no account associated with the email that I used to apply last Fall, it looks like the two links are totally independent of each other. Any advice at all is welcome!
  6. rejected, boop
  7. congrats!
  8. afraid that i never even submitted the application. please, just let me hear back.
  9. haven't received anything.
  10. According to the Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai, in Feudal Japan, samurai lived as if they were already dead so they wouldn't fear death. (Or at least that's what the movie Ghostdog said) I, too, take this approach. I have accepted Fulbright defeat, and as such, have room only for good news. The only direction is up.
  11. i haven't even tried antunes in portuguese yet tbh - sticking to authors that generally pay attention to grammar/narrative for the moment while i'm learning... lol. Let me know when you hear back!
  12. Lisbon. I'm working / teaching myself Portuguese part-time while waiting for my citizenship application to process... That's rad! Part of the reason I came is because I want to translate Lusitanian lit in the future. Saramago is great, but António Lobo Antunes is my favorite.
  13. hey, i live in portugal! Best of luck. What's your proposal about?
  14. I'm out data on my phone and I'll be playing basketball when the info arrives. Going to be awkwardly asking 16 year-olds if I can "borrow their phone to check something" every 15 minutes.
  15. If you're on the West Coast and still sleeping, consider yourself lucky. Out here in Europe trying to get along with the knowledge that I probably won't hear back until 8 or 9 PM. here.