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  1. I've only posted once or twice before, but this seemed too rad to pass up
  2. I've been browsing through this site for a while now and everyone seems so helpful that I thought I might get some good advice. I took the GRE in August of 2008 (Summer before junior year) and scored 740Q 640V and 3.5 AW. Throughout my prep I figured AW would be my strongest score, which was probably my first mistake since I just skipped that section of the prep book. I'm planning to apply to GSE Masters programs like Sociology and Education at TC and Cultural Studies in Education at UCLA, and I'm concerned that my AW may pose an issue with adcoms. Is it worth retaking the test to raise my writing score? I've read on the site that the writing section is generally the least important of the three, and my SoP and writing sample should demonstrate that I am capable of using English, but I don't really know. Any opinions?