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  1. Hello, please help me decide between two schools. 1. Iowa State University: I am fully funded here. Locations: Ames, Iowa 2. University of Pittsburgh: Half funded. ( I have to pay 25k $ each year ) both are Computer Science (Masters). What do you think ? is university of Pittsburgh worth the extra 25g? Yours comments are much appreciated
  2. oh so that explains it. well im not here just to advertise. leaving a link in the signature would be great though. As like others here im after getting admission. Thanks you i hope some one answers soon.
  3. I forgot to add the link and it seems that i can't edit the post anymore.
  4. I have prepared a web application to let users save university information that they find on the university website for viewing later in an organized manner. This information (Inputs as is called on the site) will then be shown to others seeking information about that university ( if the poster chooses so ). What do you think ? Is it okay if I promote this service in appropriate contexts? I would like to get more feedback from users as to what they need most. * Please note that it is still in early phases so don't save anything you cant afford to lose just yet.