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  1. I just got my acceptance today, about an hour ago. I applied for the 3 year program with the weekend option as my first choice and evening program as my second choice - my acceptance email said I was chosen for the evening program. I'm not sure if this is negotiable but I guess I'll make it work. For those that are still waiting, hang in there!
  2. I applied to the MSW extended degree program...but I had missed the priority deadline (for the part time program they were still accepting applications until Feb 15 on a space available basis). Now I'm anxious to find out. Since it was a last minute decision and I can't leave Seattle for family reasons, it's the only school I applied to. If I don't get in I will try again next year (maybe for the day program 2018) but I'd rather start this year! For those that have been accepted, any hint as to what the email subject is? I get so much email daily I often scan the titles as I delete them - it would be great to know what to look for!