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  1. Hi. My Mom and her best friend just started their new business. What do you think is the best strategy where they could increase savings and efficiency?
  2. Read this... https://spaceplace.nasa.gov/review/dr-marc-space/time-travel.html
  3. Personally, no offense, I'm not into tattoos. My hubby wanted to have one 17 years ago but I didn't allow him.
  4. I both love baking and cooking. Most of my recipes are from the web. Good thing there's an internet now.
  5. Oh my! I hope you make the right choice.
  6. Nice. I guess new ones could use your help.
  7. There is an environmental, health and safety software and there are different vendors available online. Perhaps you can check and compare the prices and specs for you to know which suits you best. Good luck.
  8. LOL I never thought there are cool scars!
  9. I watched a video where a patient with Parkinson's disease was given marijuana and after a few minutes all his shaking stopped. I guess marijuana should be legalized for patients.