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  1. I emailed the MENA contact about PDOs and he said that we could expect information late last week (I guess not) or early this coming week.
  2. Thanks Jake! I guess this whole process is just going to be a lot of waiting until we actually get to our host countries.
  3. I would also like to know if anyone else has more info (just got promoted two days ago!), as the PDO for my country conflicts with my graduation ceremony and while that's definitely not as prohibitive as being across the globe, it's probably going to be my last graduation (at least for a while) and I want to attend.
  4. Fingers crossed for both of us! I'm going to stop lurking here because it'll only feed my anxiety, but I really hope you get bumped up to finalist. Your project is so worthwhile!
  5. Thanks Hodna and congratulations!
  6. Also an alternate! I'm pretty devastated, but I'm glad you're proud and excited! I should try to be too. My project was going to be a documentary on a circus in Casablanca. Yours sounds very interesting-- are the rights you're talking about the ones outlined in the Mudawama?
  7. Same! Good luck to you! What's your project if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Greater Seattle area!