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  1. I went to a top 15 liberal arts college with a 3.76 GPA. I major in Math (Stats concentration) and Econ, also took a lot of Computer Science classes. My Math + Stats + CS GPA is around 3.81. I'm looking into masters program in statistics. My interest is computational statistics and machine learning. I was basically a top student with almost straight As in math, stats, and econometrics (nothing below an A-). However, I got a B in Probability, which I took in Europe during junior year abroad. The grade for this class was determined by one single exam and something went wrong with me on that day. I got an A- in Mathematical Statistics and an A in Real Analysis though. Also, I basically failed an irrelevant class (Foreign Language Literature). I took that class pass/fail so it didn't affect my GPA. That class had a strict attendance policy that if you miss 3 lectures, you fail. I missed the first two lectures because I planned to drop the class, but then decided to stay. Unfortunately I slept through one more lecture. Do those two bad grades hurt my chances at top school, even with good records otherwise? I would appreciate your advice.