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  1. Same here. Only Viagra and XXXXX enhancement pills. I almost think my public image on the internet is synonymous with their targeted consumer
  2. Another outright rejection. Not surprised but just sad.... not even a consideration for EAS...
  3. Share the same feeling here Wish you good luck ... and so to myself
  4. Congratulations! My heart is sinking again.. and again...
  5. Columbia? Through Emails?! OMFG... I thought this is my last hope... But, yup, Congratulations!
  6. Got my rejection from Princeton like an hour ago, ran out for a huge burger and feels a little bit better now.... I guess this is just the first formal rejection followed by a series of them... feeling so wrecked... sigh..
  7. Congratulations again and I feel... very .. very ..... mixed..
  8. Congratulations! Did they email you? I guess my east asian history application is now down in the water...
  9. Exactly what I'm thinking... my chances of getting into somewhere are sinking...
  10. You are not.. I'm not preparing myself to face a double rej from both Yale and Harvard... long shot anyway but I'd rather have them come separately..
  11. I fully understand it. I am suffocating by the lacking of news..
  12. Thanks for your information. This sounds interesting. Both of my potential advisors are on leave. I guess if by any chance (and any stretch of imagination) good news might arrive, it may not be soon. And also thank you Rustin, it's soo nice of you.
  13. Congratulations!! Do you have further news on Harvard's admission? I'm really really anxious now.
  14. I think someone has scored a Harvard history offer
  15. Do they get a chance to send out invitation to campus this afternoon? I bet if they did, I'm done with.