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  1. Thanks. This was for Canada. It was a scholar award, though, so if anyone is waiting for a student/ETA award, this probably is a separate notification process.
  2. Just got word. I didn't get it. Pretty devastated.
  3. Oh man, don't I know it. My kid's school made everyone fill out registration forms to let them know if the students would be returning next year or not (so they can put classes together) and I had to say I didn't know where we'd be living. I felt like such a deadbeat!
  4. Wow, that would be a dick move. I hope that's not the case (and that you hear soon! I'm Western Hemisphere also).
  5. Wow - Mexico, Norway ETA, Oman, Serbia, and Singapore. How is it possible that all these countries notified yesterday and no one here has mentioned anything?
  6. There are two things to know that maybe (hopefully?) will make you feel at least moderately better about letters of rec: 1. Professors do genuinely view this as part of their job. This is not a favor they are doing for you - this is part of what they are being paid for. I'm an instructor, not a tenure track professor, and even I view writing letters of rec as part of my job. It's never a burden. In fact, I had one student ask me for a letter with a one day turn-around because he just found out about a scholarship, and I got it done. It's karma for all the letters we've had written for us. 2. I assure you that your writers are not writing new letters every time. They are pulling up the file from the last time they wrote it, tinkering with it for a bit and then sending it on. Once you've requested a letter from them the first time, the subsequent requests are probably taking them 10 minutes, tops. Again, you're not a burden.
  7. Hahahaha, this addition to the spreadsheet: "wait tracker: max # of days remaining (below) and min % of wait completed (above)" We are such dorks.
  8. Hahahaha welcome to my world! I'm pretty close to taking my PhD off my resume.
  9. Looks like Lithuania notified today, according to the spreadsheet.
  10. Nice! I've been a little bit of everywhere, but have spent the most time in Dublin and Galway (which you'd be close to in Ballyvaughn). I'm in the arts, so most of the research I do is in urban centers.
  11. Where in Ireland are you applying to go? I'm an Irish studies specialist and have spent a lot of time there.
  12. Wow, congratulations and good luck! That's a huge achievement!
  13. I am actively seeking a job, since my current position ends when I graduate in May. I figure the Fulbright is not something I can bank on, so I need to be searching for a solid plan B. I've had a few interviews, and came close to getting hired in one job. I'm not bringing up the Fulbright, at all. Even though it seems more "honest," you risk being pegged as someone who will leave whenever a better opportunity comes along. If I end up accepting a job and then get the Fulbright, I will simply reverse course and decline the job. I've been a working professional for over a decade now (I'm almost 15 years out of college), and if I've learned anything it's that you have to protect your own interests. Don't burn bridges, but also don't sacrifice your own well-being for a job - because your job will likely not make similar sacrifices for you.
  14. Macedonia and Switzerland are back up. No Thailand or Brazil, though. EDIT: Never mind, Brazil notified over a week ago. Ignore me.
  15. No matter what, we're one day closer to knowing.