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  1. Did any of you receive the result from Emory (Health Policy & Mgt)? Documents on the website indicate that decision should arrive by mid March and I suppose it will take at least one day longer than that date Don't think I can wait for that stuff anymore, turning from :oops: to :mrgreen: and whatever around!!!
  2. Cheers :mrgreen: I just check and see that all of my schools will be on break those days What will I do if not checking mailbox back and forth
  3. Some friends told me that next week (9-13) is the spring break in the U.S. Do you know whether they still announce the application results or not?
  4. Thanks for your help :mrgreen: Anyway I'm almost moribund waiting for that suck :twisted: Backup school means little 'cause my wicked will iz over some other cloud :roll:
  5. Hi everyone, I've got the admission from Penn State for PhD of Health Policy and Administration. To be honest, I know quite little about Penn State's strength in this major. Can you tell me something about it? In comparison with some programs of other schools?