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RIT Astrophysics

RIT Astrophysics   2 votes

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I have a B.A. degree in mathematics and an M.A.T. degree in mathematics. I want to teach mathematics/physics/astronomy at the university level, so I have applied to RIT's astrophysics program, which is relatively new. I am still waiting to hear back from Brandeis (MA Math), UPitt (MS Physics), Wesleyan (MS Astrophysics). Just want to know if going to RIT will be a waste or if it is a good program, all granted that I do very well.

[Note: I have two degrees in math, so getting into an astrophysics/physics program was quite a time-consuming process to research. If you are going to suggest applying to top-10 schools, that is unrealistic until my PhD in mathematical astrophysics in 2 years]

Thanks guys,

I appreciate it.


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