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Physical Chem-Physics programs

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I'm currently looking at schools to apply for graduate school. I'm currently majoring in chemistry and i might add a physics major (depending if i stay an extra year).

I'm currently look for various programs in physical chemistry (Cal, Washington @St. Louis, and penn state are some schools im interested in right now). The research i'm interested seems to lie between chemistry/physics/mat sci@chem engr [spectroscopy and nanomaterials]. I was wondering if anyone knew of any programs that blended these fields or schools that would allow me to move into concurrent areas of research when/if i am accepted. I just don't want to go to a school and say "Oh, this professor's research is so interesting! but they're in the [phys/chem eng] department and i'm in chemistry.... damn." I'm not restricting myself to just america; i'm very open to going to canada or europe or asia, although i dont speak any other languages (right now).

I know UC Irvine has a similar program called ChaMP (chemical and material physics), but I don't want to go to a school in southern cal (again). I'd normally put all of california, but all I can think of in northern cal is Berkeley and stanford, so i'm making an exception for them due to the academic quality.

EDIT: i'm also posting this in the chemistry forum.

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