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  1. Any Purdue applicants around? Just wondering if I was alone in getting the "your application file is being reviewed" email from the department? Also a large section about how rolling admissions works, seemed like a polite way to say "please don't call us". 


    I'm applying to Purdue, and I got that email too. It seems like a "we know GradCafe (and similar sites) exist, don't panic when other people are accepted and you haven't heard from us yet" email. Not that this will keep me from worrying or anything ;)

  2. Seconded. I spoke with a couple of programs (one of my LOR was over two weeks late to 4 programs) about secondary materials and they mostly care that they've gotten the letters/scores/etc with some time to spare before the committee begins meeting. As long as it says they've received your LOR you should be ok. I have a friend who was accepted with funding to a program that hadn't received one of his LOR.


    That happened to me with my MA program- they just asked that I reminded my LOR writer to send his before I officially accepted the offer. I think they might be more lenient than they let on, at least when it comes to things we can't control.

  3. I feel a bit silly because I'm actually trying to GET a job right now, cause I have 7-8 months before I move if I even get in anywhere and 7-8 months with no job and no money coming in is stressful as hell. 


    Anyone else applying to Whole Foods? No? Just me? Awesome...


    I am! And local bookstores, and Trader Joe's, and anywhere that might take me, really. Also getting rejections from those, but at least there's less waiting involved? 

  4. I like to view exercise as a stress reliever rather than an obligation. Grad school is so much easier to manage when I make the time to de-stress, even if it's just by playing racquetball after work/classes.


    Same here. It's especially helpful when I'm stuck on a paper, or when I realize that I'm rereading the same line over and over again- sometimes you just need to step away and do something else for a bit. I only started doing it last year, but it's made all the difference for me.

  5. You got an interview at UCSC? Sweet, that was where I did my undergrad and I'm applying for an MA at their Humanities department as well. 


    Do you guys find it weird that most Humanities programs (at least the ones I've applied to) don't ask for interviews? Or maybe they do, and I'm seeing these "interview seasons" topics (albeit most are science related fields) and I'm getting prettyyyyyyyy nervous...


    I've heard that some programs do, but it's not all that common. For the most part I'm relieved that we don't have to…. but any news would be better than waiting for another month. Oof.

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