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  1. I completely agree with Betafish.


    My degree will not have Library in the title. It's an MS in Info. Sci. from an ALA accredited school which means I can apply for librarian positions but it also allows me to apply for more tech positions as well. I've worked in academic libraries for 8 years which is why I'm getting my degree. I have the experience but can't move up in the world without it. I don't hate books but I also don't spend a bunch of time reading them either (which may seem odd to all those people who go into the profession because they LOVE books and reading).

    Basically, look at the program and really think about what it will do for you. There are a lot of positions that aren't library related. It's important to look into them. If you're just interested in information science and not in working at a library then there are non-ALA accredited programs that do Info Sci (Berkeley is one). The school I attend is a part of the iSchool consortium along with Berkeley, Syracuse, and a handful of other schools in the US and Europe which is why I chose it out of a bunch of other programs. Full-time online, btw, is in not as easy as people make it think. There are easy classes and there are those that will make you curl in a ball and cry. It just depends on what you're doing. Also, in online classes where they have an on-campus cohort they often give you extra busy work since you don't f2f class time.

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