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  1. I am Ruby (26f), a Speech Language Pathology student from Missouri. I have completed all my undergraduate and graduate corse work, including my school based internship and am now having problems obtaining my final medical based 10 week internship to complete my degree and obtain my Masters. 
    The problem is when I was 20 I was caught stealing and obtained a shoplifting charge on my record. It has been the problem of hopsitals allowing me to complete an internship. This has happened several times with different hosptials and I am really worried what can be done. I have looked into if I could get the record expunged but it doesn't appear to be so.
    I realize this doesn't make me sound like a great canidate but I can assure you it was a huge mistake of mine I have nothing aginst me of the like but instead have a long history of vounterring, good grades throughout my schooling, and truly a love for helping others. 
    I'm hoping to find some people who have knoweldge of a situation of the like as I know I cannot be the only one in a situaiton like this (though my supervisors made me feel that way.) I greatly appreaciate any time spend answering me and any information that can be provided. I am hoping to find answers as I really need the help. 
    Id be willing to give more details if it would help answer my questions.
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