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  1. Hey, 

    Profile - BTech+Mtech IIT Delhi, Electrical Engg, GPA = 8.5. So far have worked with big brands as a senior business analyst (~2.5 years). 

    Toefl - 107 ( 28, 29, 30 , 20 in listening :( )

    GRE - 323 ( Q - 166, V - 157, 3.5 Awa) 

    Have got an admit in MS Data science from Columbia. But I have not really done data science in the last 2.5 years. I can babble a few things related to machine learning. I see that most of the people who go to Columbia have a few years of experience as data scientists (DS) or at least a few meaty projects in DS. So,I am scared of taking the chance and accepting the admit. It is big money.

    Should I apply again next year? (Columbia doesn't defer admits). 


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