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  1. @art.historian.cat thank you, that's helpful to know. I'll look into those faculty members.
  2. Thank you for that suggestion. I'd have to research Tulane as I've only been looking at highly progressive institutes but thats an intriguing program structure. I'll also check out UBC, thanks!
  3. Hi there, I plan to apply to MA and Ph.D. programs in Fall 2021(not yet an option in Gradcafe profile settings) and am looking for programs and faculty that can support my interests. I hope to focus on contemporary art of the Americas, specifically contemporary Latin American and contemporary Indigenous North American art, through the framework of CRT and Decoloniality. After attending an art and design school for my post-bac, I am seeking out liberal arts colleges with strong Gender and Race Studies departments and strong Latin American Studies departments. I am already looking at
  4. @erikaash I've thought about applying for an MA before a PhD but, as you referenced, the length of an Art History PhD is so incredibly long in the States. I'm hoping to take a course on research methodologies next fall to better prepare myself, though I am wondering if I should hold off until I am actually in a program? Trying to be cost effective.
  5. Hi Federico, Do you mean four courses? Four credits seems very low. I would imagine that Italy would have some fantastic courses in art history, and would reach out to universities in your area. Also, reach out to a few MA programs in the US to see how international credits would be evaluated, I would assume it would be fine from a reputable institution. Lastly, I'd say wait a couple of years before rushing in. You just graduated. Make sure its not a fleeting fancy.
  6. I'd imagine that your eight art history courses will make a compelling case, especially if you did well in them. However, I would definitely submit a writing sample that focuses on art history in some direct fashion. I'm pretty sure that's a requirement unless you can somehow link your argument to an artist's work.
  7. @neversure2 Still researching but thus far: CUNY, UC Berkeley, perhaps UCLA...
  8. @manierata Are you a NY state resident, and, if so, do you think that had an impact on your scholarship package?
  9. Can you submit a complaint or have another professor be part of the evaluation process? It seems quite problematic to have a single person responsible for a review. Just speaking as a person from one of the many communities traditionally discriminated against in all industries.
  10. They can't offer a video interview?
  11. I enrolled in SMFA"s diploma program after undergrad with the same intention - to develop a portfolio and eventually apply for an MFA. I already have an art minor so thought it would be a somewhat straightforward process. In hindsight, I wish that I had three very crucial pieces of knowledge before signing up: 1. The SMFA is very small and pretty disorganized. While students were making interesting work, there was as many students kind of floating along which is very easy to slip into based on the environment. The Diploma program itself is pretty flexible, which sounds great initially but
  12. Congratulations! That is great news, and so interesting that you first applied for painting but then followed up with sculpture. I'd love to hear more about that part of your journey.
  13. Submitting your evaluation a month later than the deadline and also failing you seems very...deliberate on the examiner's part.
  14. @Adelaide9216 Thank you for sharing this incredibly challenging moment in your academic life. If you are well known in your field then this is only a temporary set back regardless of the outcome. I've only read a few of the comments but your situation is eye-opening and will absolutely be a teaching moment for others in the forum. Wishing you the best!
  15. @Valorship98 many MA programs require students to have a certain amount of credits in art history before applying to a Master's program...
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