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    SeekDirection reacted to Bre14 in Am I doing this for nothing?   
    Hey y’all! I am cute little a senior in an undergrad speech program, I have struggled in one of my speech classes. Which I failed last semester but still am able to pass with a B right now. I am wondering if I even end up with a C in this course how realistic is it for me to get accepted in a graduate program? My current GPA is a 3.4. I have not taken the GRE yet but am planning to next month!
    Thanks so much y’all!
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    SeekDirection reacted to khazeena in Low Quant Score- Pol Sci PhDs   
    Need advice! After repeated attempts, my GRE score is 165 V/148 Q. I do not think this is reflective of who I am as a candidate at all. I have a stellar academic background and a very high GPA, as well as a Masters degree. Admittedly, my focus has always been qualitative. I also work a great job in policy currently, but really aspire to apply to PhD Political Science programs this year. 
    How much might this ruin my chances of getting into a top 20 school? Please advise. Would really appreciate it!! :)
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    SeekDirection reacted to DumbKi in Writing sample with/without references and figures?   
    Hi everyone,
    I was submitting a writing sample to PhD program of Epidemiology - it is a manuscript for a journal paper, therefore there are references and figures. Should I retain the references and figures, or should any of them be removed from the writing sample? Thanks!
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