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  1. I made a huge mistake of telling people about my admission to graduate school and been dealing with the subtle yet unmistakable consequences. First, I sent thank-you emails to people who have helped me, recommenders and SOP reviewers, and have received cold responses, if not silence. I am just relieved that my prospective adviser wholeheartedly congratulated me. Then I made another mistake of telling my coworkers about my admission when I was asked about it directly - I had been planning to keep it quiet until I quit. This put me in a tricky position at work because now my boss knows I am leaving at some point and there are many coworkers who are desperately waiting for their admission results. All I can say is I wish I knew about this and had remained discreet about my admissions.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I took a look at the introduction and ordered the book.
  3. Thank you so much. I will check them out. The first one sounds like something I need to read. Did that book help you personally?
  4. I've started reading a book called "Getting What You Came For" by Robert L. Peters, which is recommended by my school for incoming graduate students. Though the book was written in the late 90s, I found it pretty interesting and still relevant to what happens today. Are there other books that you can recommend for incoming graduate students, especially for those in STEM?
  5. I went to UCLA for undergrad and going back to the school for phD in engineering after working. I've heard of this point being said here and there and I can understand why it would be beneficial to go to another institution, but for me this school was pretty much my top choice and I had such a productive and engaging time during my undergrad that I could not give up the admission.
  6. I guess I will just ask the department. It seems the letter is from the graduate school, not the department, and the department is still working on how to distribute funding.
  7. I recently received admission for phd in mechanical engineering at UCLA. However, I haven't heard anything from the ME department regarding my funding. Before I ask the department, and perhaps embarrass myself, I want to know if this situation is usual or not. Thank you!
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