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  1. I'm in the same dilemma picking between AU SIS and UCSD IR/PS.


    From the three people I've asked so far, the two "practitioners" - a diplomat and a think-tank director - seem to favor SIS. My advisor, on the other hand, places UC San Diego over American academically, going so far as saying UCSD is ranked higher than American as an IR school. There is obviously a gap between how these two groups view programs.


    In my opinion, UCSD is definitely the better place if you still have a PhD in the back of your mind; it is more highly respected by academics. Moreover, specifically with regard to connections and opportunities in East Asia, it is not certain that American is better than San Diego. IR/PS also seem to offer a better combination between a professional and an academic future.

  2. @Azruel and everybody else: Did you guys receive an email specifically saying that funding decisions are available in the Messaging tab? I received an email today titled "UCSD Graduate Application" which tell me to go to the application page to see the Decision Letter. Funding is not mentioned in the letter and there is nothing new in the Messaging tab either. Thanks!

  3. This is from the FAQ section of the MPIA website.

    7. Is an interview part of the application process?

    The admissions committee does not interview all applicants. If an interview is needed, we will contact you directly. Interviews are required for international applicants requesting a waiver of the English language exam (TOEFL or IELTS).

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