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  1. Has anyone heard from USC Pharmaceutical and Translational Sciences? Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but can't seem to find any other comments/forums for this program
  2. @HopefulPHD14 - I'm not entirely sure if you are still following this site, but I am applying a second time to schools and remembered this exchange from last year. I actually had some questions regarding the program you got into as well as your friend in PIBBS. I am sure you're super busy, but if you have a moment, can you respond to this and let me know if you're still around to answer some questions? THANK YOU!
  3. So I think I give up. It's end of January. I haven't heard anything from UCLA or USC. Assume rejection?
  4. I just got an email back from the USC program administrator. She did confirm they definitely send invites in waves and there are more to come. Fingers crossed! Keep me updated on if you hear from UCLA or USC - they are my top choices as well And congrats on your interviews!!! That's awesome! Thanks for your input! That is helpful. Three weekends, eh? Well, best of luck to you! I went to UCLA for undergrad and loved it. Congrats on your interview
  5. Someone posted on the results that they got an interview invitation from UCLA just two days ago. Maybe they're doing invites in batches? Maybe I'm being naive? Haha Where else have you applied/interviewed/accepted? The other school I'm waiting on is USC...haven't heard a peep from them either
  6. I HATE this waiting period! Anyone hear from UCLA or USC for Molecular Bio??
  7. I applied to UCLA MBI program, but I have not heard anything from them. Thinking a rejection is coming up soon