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  1. I was told by my advisor that there's a good amount of money in designing surveys for companies to conduct, if you'd like to go down that road.
  2. Also rejected by U of M, so unless Rutgers pulls off some sort of miracle, guess I'm going to UB.
  3. When I replied to my Rutgers waitlist notification, I [a] told them that I had another offer and b] asked them to let me know about a time frame when it comes to hearing back, not asking about my ranking. They said that they sometimes "go deep into the waitlist" so I'm inferring that I'm ranked low on the waitlist. Which, you know, is fun.
  4. Just did the same. Also rejected, told it was due to the huge amount of applicants.
  5. I got the e-mail too... Starting to get really irritated.
  6. My portal still says "applied." Maybe I should e-mail them?
  7. How did they let you know? I'm still waiting to hear!
  8. I didn't even think of that. From a quick search it looks like UMass Amherst has it as a holiday on their calendar but Michigan doesn't, and those are at least the two I'm waiting on.
  9. I have only been on one interview but we didn't even go near that. Our main focus - other than discussing specifics of the program - was on my own research.
  10. Are you talking about one in particular or in general? Because if the latter, then yes. Party time.
  11. I totally understand why you'd be disappointed about that. Sure, never assume anything, but sometimes you can't really help it... I really hope that it works out for you. Do you happen to know when they're planning on notifying the rest of us? From what I can tell, you're the only applicant on the forum who's been notified today.
  12. Thanks! I assume I'll see on here if they get back to you?
  13. Congrats! I hope they can free up space for you. Is your application portal changed? Was it an individual message or from the system?
  14. I know, it's driving me crazy. I know they're supposed to be taking a long time this year to limit their class size, but that doesn't make it any less nervewracking whenever my e-mail chimes.
  15. Oh, I didn't think you were being short! I appreciate your candor. Thanks!