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  1. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? My Master degree will be arriving in the mail sometime this week and I don't even want to see it. I'm so bummed and depressed about companies not calling me. I don't have research experience, but it's hard to gain experience without having any experience. I'm continually looking for research opportunities at a local university. Maybe I'll get lucky with one of those positions. Any suggestions or tips are appreciated.....
  2. Does anyone else have any tips or suggestions for me? I have graduated and now have my Masters degree in Sociology. I completed my degree through an online program and did not complete the research experience I should have. I am looking for many research opportunities, but it's difficult since I don't have experience. It's hard to get experience without having any experience. I have submitted close to 20 applications already and haven't received any calls. I will follow up with companies, but I'm getting worried. Please help!!!!
  3. I'm travelling to a conference on Monday morning and still don't know what I want to wear yet. Ahhhh! I need to figure out two Secret Santa gifts - One for a coworker and one for a supervisor of the building. I have NO idea what to get for either of them. I knew I shouldn't have agreed to participate. I'm the worst with gift ideas and gift giving. Ahhhhhh!!
  4. I'm assuming it is acceptable to take notes from the various guest speakers. Is it appropriate to record the lectures/presentations as well? Should I take full advantage of all networking events? There is a networking event/mixer at the end of the conference on the first day. I think it would be interesting to mingle with others and talk to them about the same 'nerdy' stuff we're all interested in. I'm just somewhat worried about going to dinner with some of them on other days. I know it would be a good learning experience to talk with others, but I feel somewhat hesitant about going out
  5. Thanks for this information. While I'm not a fan of oatmeal, I will definitely consider this. That's a good idea. I was also thinking about bring plenty of water with me. Placing a few bottles in the fridge and grabbing them as I go. Now, the ironing board idea to make a grilled cheese sandwich is pretty genius. I never thought of this before. Thanks for the good idea!
  6. I also found out that breakfast, snacks, and a buffet lunch will be provided each day of the conference. Those attending are responsible for their own meals for dinner. Since I'm going alone, I don't plan to go to restaurants every night for dinner. I also want to save money and not spend too much eating out. I will have a refrigerator in my hotel room. I'm debating about grabbing a few things from a grocery store and keeping them in my fridge. I won't consider anything that needs to be heated or cooked on a stove top. Can anyone recommend easy meals or snacks to eat in a hotel room? Any sugge
  7. Thanks @MarineBluePsy! This is very helpful. I definitely may consider some boots. I've been wanting a good pair and if I can find some that fit comfortably, I will buy them. I will check and see if the conference will be publishing the abstracts/powerpoint and other information from the conference. I sure hope so. That's a good idea.... Also, the conference details say it will provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the day. I don't have any business cards, but can think about that before I go. Thanks for everything!
  8. This is a good point, thanks! This conference is open to students of the university. Alot of the students, including myself, are online students, so there will probably be students travelling from different areas. It won't be people I will work with in the future or will probably ever see again, but it will be a great experience. Thanks again!
  9. I'm attending a research conference next week and I really don't know what to wear. It's a casual dress conference, but I don't want to worry about being too under or overdressed. Also, I don't what shoes to wear either. I'm used to always wearing flip flops, but I know I can't wear those. Ahhhh. Decisions, decisions.
  10. Thanks for this information @Hk328. I am a female (forgot to mention that, whoops) and I will make sure not to wear flip flops. I have wide feet, so finding shoes is tough and I'm not sure ballet flats will work. I'm going to see what I can find. I'm going to wear nicer jeans, nice shirts, and some type of dressier shoes. I didn't even think about the loud clicking sounds on my laptop as I take notes. That's a good point. I'll probably bring a notebook and take some handwritten notes. Any other tips?
  11. Hey everyone, I will be attending a week-long research conference (by myself) on a university campus next week and I need a few tips. I received a schedule of events and it looks like I will be finished around 5pm each day. Other than walking around the campus or hanging out at my hotel, does anyone have any other suggestions of 'things to do' after it's over each day? I normally wear comfortable athletic shoes while at work throughout the week and wear flip flop or sandals on the weekends. This conference has a casual dress code, but I'm having a hard time figuring out wha
  12. I just checked this website. It seems like an interesting opportunity, but nothing available where I currently live. I understand I may need to move if I plan to obtain a position with a large company. I'm looking for opportunities for now. Any other suggestions? I'm trying to ask as many people as I can as I'm unfamiliar with opportunities.
  13. Thanks for this information. It's definitely helpful. I would be interested in research within a hospital. I did a quick search just now for 'hospital research associate' and 'hospital research coordinator' positions at several local hospitals, but haven't found anything. I assumed most hospital research positions would require knowledge in a specific area of medicine. I will definitely keep looking for possibilities. As I don't have a Bachelors degree in Sociology, I don't have the amount of experience most larger companies are probably expecting. I'm hoping I will be able to find
  14. Thank you for this information @Psychologyandpizza. I appreciate it. I'm getting a bit nervous as I graduate in December and haven't found any opportunities yet. I know there isn't too much of a rush, but I might as well start using my degree. Do you know if I can go into research right away? I understand universities require a PhD, but what about within a research company? Do you know if working within research companies with an MA degree would be allowed anywhere, or is it based on a company's preference? I'm trying to find answers to my questions. My program advisor isn't much help.
  15. I am currently completing a Masters program in Sociology and have experience with research methods and statistics. I'm getting a little nervous as I will graduate this December and don't have any jobs 'lined up' yet. I would like to go into the research field and would be interested in working with a research company or alongside a team conducting research. I don't have a Bachelors degree in this field as I have changed my major. When searching for job opportunities, other than 'market research', 'clinical research', 'research analyst', or ''sociology research', what other search terms s
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