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  1. Now that I've heard from almost everyone (except U Florida), I'd appreciate your opinion on those two programs. At this point I prefer industry over academia (the teaching part specifically) and this is unlikely to change. So the rankings say OSU stat is higher than Pitt biostat but that's probably not a good comparison. No ranking for OSU biostat, is it because it's a joint program? Pitt seems to be bigger than OSU for biostat and have more research collaboration going on, but again because OSU is a joint program I don't really know. Pitt requires less coursework and less quals. Climate and cost of living look similar. Currently I think I prefer OSU because of better funding (for the first year at least) plus I've visited. I was waitlisted for Pitt initially. But I'm having a hard time choosing now... please help.
  2. I made no contact before submitting my applications.
  3. Applied to 12 PhD programs, all biostat: Accepted with funding: OSU, FSU, Rice Accepted but funding not guaranteed: UT Houston Accepted with no funding info yet: UNC Rejected: Wisconsin-Madison, Minnesota, Rutgers, Brown Have not heard back: Pittsburgh, Vanderbilt, UF (Also applied to 4 MS programs as safeties.)
  4. My letter says they will make funding decisions in March and will let me know, so I'm assuming we only need to wait?
  5. @another_applicant Thank you very much, after the decision day would be too risky for me, I wish I didn't like the weather there so much...
  6. Does anyone know if UTHealth (Houston) offer funding for new PhD students? I emailed them to ask and they said: New Student Scholarship will be sent via SOPHAS if awarded, TA/RA can be applied after accepting the offer. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone gets funding right when admitted.