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  1. bulgaria eta just in - (P)!
  2. In my experience, Eastern European countries like Bulgaria are very open to foreigners, with the exception of refugees. You might get a lot of questions if you look/sound different, as I did when I was there, but they stem from a place of curiosity, not disdain/fear. Access to the West is new, so this is normal. I think so long as no one framed their comments in a critical/holier-than-thou manner, they should be in the clear. Politics is fair game when it comes to the Fulbright, I think, given that it is a State-sponsored grant meant to foster diplomacy.
  3. Does anyone know what exactly the FFSB does after your country submits its list of finalists/alternates? Does the FFSB also deliberate on selections or is that merely a formality? Also, has anyone else been getting weird stress dreams? In mine I am either opening my inbox to find an email from the Commission with the subject line "NSA" and/or a tsunami hits and I am yanked off the toilet!