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  1. Has anyone received word from one of the Kress institutional fellowships? Was it from Kress or the institution, email or postal mail? I'm particular I'm waiting on London. Best of luck to all who applied!
  2. For Dutch, think about the University of Kansas with Linda Stone-Ferrier.
  3. My impression (and I'm not a Ren person, so take this with a grain of salt), is that Rutgers is a more highly-regarded program overall. I'd also be wary of an unfunded MA in the US-- if Rutgers offers money, I'd think seriously about it.
  4. ProspectStu, Mary offered a very reasonable response to your pretentious question, and owing to the fact that no one else has responded, I think that many of us agree with her assertion but haven't had the patience to articulate it ourselves. Congratulations on your many acceptances: I wish your future colleagues the best of luck in dealing with you! cheers, mrb1145
  5. Many congratulations to everyone that has posted so far!
  6. By the way, in case it's unclear, the google doc is completely anonymous, even though if you're signed into google you may see your own name at the top right corner. Since no one in particular was invited, everyone will remain anonymous, and no one, including me, will see your name. Since we've been traveling through this process together, I thought it would be fun to see what schools people decided on, and maybe even connect with people heading to the same program. The people in the Lit forum have done this as well, so I thought it might be useful for us too!
  7. Hey all- I've started a google doc so we can anonymously share where we're going/what we're studying, and see how things shook out for everyone. Please follow the link and add your info! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApChf7Cb_JrtdDNjT2dqeDdIcHllalZvanhKcll2OFE&usp=sharing
  8. Heading to UCLA. My partner and I were both admitted, and she didn't apply to schools in NYC, so in the end CUNY didn't get much consideration, but I have a lot of respect for that program!
  9. Hi Abilap, Congratulations! I was admitted, but have accepted another offer, and will be declining. It's a great program and I know people who have done great work there, so I wish you the best of luck!
  10. I did last week-- one year merit assistantship through the university and two more years through the department... not as strong as other offers I received, and I think entailed paying for some tuition. I declined already-- I'm sure you'll hear soon.
  11. Cosigning runaway & auvers-sur-oise. Looking at some of the theoretical suggestions that have been posted makes me feel like I"m reading through the syllabus from one of my methods classes- read what's interesting to you, and what might help you clarify a research project idea that you can described on your SOP. Read to find out which of your ideas have been considered by scholars already, and whether you have a different point of view that you might consider expounding upon in a seminar paper, MA thesis, or possibly in your dissertation. And look at art- how quickly we forget to do that
  12. Ditto solus, I was very nervous about my applications with my GRE scores being what they were (5 in writing, good verbal... and math in the 17th percentile, literally), but I've been admitted and funded by five schools that I would be very happy to attend. I feel really confident now that for the most part, art history faculty reading applications don't look too carefully at those numbers (like arthistoryvoe2 said), and realize that they have little to say about how you would actually perform in as a graduate student and scholar. Looking at this board throughout my application process was di
  13. Navama, I got my USC rejection letter today. My partner was accepted to the program, but has declined. Were you interviewed? They interviewed 7 or 8, I think, and made two offers in the first round and were waiting for extra money, I think. I think that if you weren't interviewed, it's probably not happening, but if you were interviewed then you may be hearing from them soon! Good luck.
  14. UT Austin can provide only very limited funding for MA students- I think they often offer accepted students the chance to pay instate tuition rather than out of state... if funding is a concern.
  15. Williams and Tufts seem to be the most well regarded terminal MA programs-- and there's no competition from PhD students for funding or attention. I did a terminal MA at a state school, though, which has worked out ok for me-- but more importantly, I was able to be fully funded there and get teaching experience. Sometimes I wonder if that model is better. I found that most of the people in that program were planning on museum careers and not looking towards the PhD at that time, but that people who did apply to programs were successful in their applications.
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