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  1. I called. They have diff opinions
  2. In my country, they issue the certificates, and we have to but Y envelopes and give them back to them to sign and stamp. Not the school envelope. Is there any problem with regular envelopes?
  3. Anyone tried wes? On website, it says they need official envelope. I had my envelope stamped and signed but they are regular envelopes not have logo of my university. Do they accept regular envelope but stamped and signed?
  4. Hi, i had a degree from dental school in Egypt, then I worked as teaching assistant, then got my master. So, my academic and professional reference are the same people which I am not sure if it is good or bad, What bout third letter? I volunteered at cancer awareness organization in the US. on campaign against cancer . Is it better to ask a person in this organization to write LOR or have the third letter from a professor in my university in Egypt?
  5. Hi, I am hesitated which public health speciality shall I apply for.I am a dentist, research and awareness campaigns are my passion. I think health promotion is my best fit; however, if any has an idea of nature of study of: global health, health service generalist, community-oriented primary care plz elaborate on them
  6. Thanx a lot. My field either public health or pathology
  7. Hi friends, I want to apply for a research position to have some experience before admission and have few questions: 1. How to select the professor to contact: sometimes the department has 50 prof. It is painskating to search all their research to choose. Any ideas? 2. Shall I send my CV with the research volunteer email or not 3. Any suggesstion of what professors would like to hear to accept a student for volunteer research position 4. Is it a bad idea to contact more than one professor inside the department? Does it mean that I am not interested in certain program! Thanx
  8. Hi, Do online courses as coursera and others offered by universities to be taken online good on cv or they became useless as many people take them? And some people just take them for lisence renewal?
  9. Hi, What is difference between application essay and personal statement? I found a book about essay, but need to write POS and dont know if it will help
  10. I forgot to say during this gap I studied for toefl, gre, and prepared for admission
  11. Thank you. It was two and half years as I moved to life in another country, and married. English study was formal
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