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  1. Thanks so much for the response! My theory professor knows faculty at UC Boulder and SUNY Albany, and there are people in those departments doing some things that I'm interested in. I just had no idea whether anyone would bother to look at my app with such low numbers.
  2. Hello! I'd really like to apply to a Ph.D program in political theory, but there are two issues with my transcript that I think could prevent me from being accepted anywhere, let alone to a program of my choice. My Quantitative score on the GRE was abysmal -- 27th percentile. Verbal was 96th percentile, 5.5 AW. My GPA is 2.9, but my major GPA is 3.5, and I've never gotten less than an A- in a political theory course. My low cumulative is due to a struggle with major depressive disorder that lasted from my freshman year until recently. I spent my first two years at a Seven Sisters college and kept up a 3.4 GPA, but transferred to a small state university when my funding ran out. My GPA at the higher-ranked school was actually better than my GPA at the mediocre university school. There are two medical withdrawals on my transcript. I'm a research assistant for my university's only political theorist and have worked with him for the past two years. I was also a TA for him last year in an Honors class, and have TA'd intro Economics classes. I completed an Honors thesis last spring. I have excellent letters of recommendation from professors who are adamant that I pursue my Ph.D, even with the holes in my transcript. Does the combination of my GPA and Quantitative score put me out of the running for grad school altogether? (I'm pretty sure it does -- no hard feelings if you say yes.) I have no delusions about attending a top program, but I'm hesitant to waste money applying anywhere if I'm doomed to automatic rejection. Thanks in advance!