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  1. is this true? I'm a Master's applicant. I called two weeks ago and they never said about this. They only told me that I would hear within 2-3 weeks. If accepted, my funding would be mostly govt/private loans
  2. is it a reject if we haven't heard yet? MS applicant here
  3. financial aid deadlines? but it was received in my box at 7:30 PM. Does it usually go out to every graduate applicant? Good to know that the school wants me to apply for financial aid at least... haha who am I kidding. I know it was just a mass email that went out to everyone in their application system. It just feels good to hear something from the school
  4. I'm an Asian American but I accidentally chose Asian-Indian by mistake I applied to a Master's program. Should I call the department and try to fix this or let it pass? can it hurt my application at all?
  5. hey gowreck, when did you apply and when did you hear back from those schools? I'm still in the waiting phase can you also tell me what your stats are? I'd greatly appreciate it
  6. When did you apply? I applied early March and haven't heard a peep. Should I be concerned? I was told that I would get a decision within the next 2-3 weeks. Does this mean after all the acceptances have gone out?
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