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  1. To the lucky (and highly qualified) ones who have early notice of admissions to Sociology Programs: Could you please share when the "Open House" and visitation weekends are? My organization expects me to take time off this spring, and knowing when I MAY be out of town if accepted would help a lot. Here's what I know: UC Irvine-- 3/1-2
  2. Found my answer: If you are trying to copy text from a word document or other source into an essay field of the application, you may be encountering that the pasting is not completing. This a know issue in Safari on Mac. To resolve this issue please see listed below are a couple of options (according to Safari's website). 1. In the older version of Mac (10.4X), use a different browser (such as firefox) to resolve the issue. 2. In the new version of MacBook (10.5X), you have an option of "Match and Paste Style" in the Edit Menu. Or use the keyboard shortcut Command + Option + Shift + V.
  3. Hey folks--I've got a technical question. It seems that I am unable to 'paste' in the text box fields on the UCLA and Harvard applications (they use the same interface). Are you having the same experience? How are you dealing with this? I'm thinking of just saying--please find attached in the 'supporting docs' section of the application.
  4. Yes, the population I want to study is located near the university I am applying to. I think the idea of including in my discussion of my research proposal is a good one. Thanks Bright Star!
  5. What do you folks think about saying: "An additional reason why I want to study at program X is because it is located where I intend to focus my research."
  6. I suggest that you send it. Most programs, from what I've seen say that you can send more, but there's no guarantee that they'll review them. Therefore, I say it can't hurt. Having a rec from a trusted source, even if i says little more than--I was impressed with this persons ambition and poise--could only help your application. Personally, I wouldn't send it to other programs, though.
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