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    what should i be doing as an undergrad?

    I am an undergrad at a very small school. It doesn't really have a good reputation for great academics but i am trying to take a step up when i go to law school. Of course ivy league would be ideal, but i am realistically shooting for a decent law school like St. Louis university, Marquette etc. I am a history major and economics minor, and i am shooting for 3.5 or above ( currently have a 3.6). i know solid lsat scores and GPA are a solid foundation, but what else should i be doing to make my law school application better? i am doing volunteer work in art at a museum and education at a middle schoool as well as at a non profit that promotes latino community inclusion. I feel like i am on solid ground but i do not want to be wasting my energy on things that law schools are not really going to care about, when instead i can be focusing on something that will really make me stand out. I go to school full time and work from 30-40 hours a week depending, so i definitely want to use the time i have available doing something beneficial to my future law school application. I do not want to make the same mistakes i did in high school of not caring and not really being involved, because that is why i am at the less than stellar school i am at now. I want to shoot for something better. advice would be appreciated!

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