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  1. I'm just unsure about class sizes/ selectivity of the programs
  2. Here's a rough list of schools I have been looking at, but I was wondering if anyone knew of ones on this list I should not bother applying to, with a reason why. Thanks for all the helpful advice GW American (SIS) Johns Hopkins (SAIS) Georgetown BU George Mason North Carolina Columbia (SIPA) Yale Princeton NYU University of Delaware UPENN University of Virginia Stanford North Carolina State University West Virginia University Denver tufts SUNY U Maryland UCSD
  3. I'm shall be interning in the International Organization Affairs office, and I also have some experience with Model UN which may look good as well. Unfortunately due to most of the January deadlines I don't believe I have enough time to take the GREs again, or study for them again if I want to make this application cycle
  4. Hello everyone, this is my first and I hope somebody here would be able to help me. I'm graduating this semester, looking to apply for grad school in the coming Fall of 2013. I'm wondering whether or not my "resume" info could compensate for my lack of work experience when applying to grad schools. I'm also wondering what schools anyone would suggest, or about how many I should apply to (I have a list of about 20 right now, I really want to shorten that down) I am looking for a Master's involving Peace and Conflict Resolution, or IR in general. Programs Considered: Conflict Resolution, IR, not sure what else Undergraduate institution: University of Connecticut, graduating in 3.5 years with two bachelors Undergraduate GPA: roughly 3.7 out of 4.0, 3.6 in history major, 3.5 in IR Undergraduate Major: International Relations (diplomacy focus) - History as a second Study Abroad: Spent a semester in Sweden, traveled to 10 different countries including Israel/Palestine GRE: V: 155 Q: 156 W: (still waiting on grade) Years Out of Undergrad (by enter date): none Years of Work Experience: ~3, if including part-time work/internships Describe Relevant Work Experience: Internship with State Department this coming Spring; interned at non-profit focused on rule of law in 3rd world countries; interned on a congressional political campaign; 2 years as an AV technician (part-time job) Languages: French
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