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  1. I suppose part of the problem is that I'm not sure yet. At this point I think that I probably will not be going on to pursue a PhD but it's definitely a path I want to keep open for the future. Would this MS program be looked upon unfavorably if I do go on to apply for PhD programs (assuming I still do research during my Master's studies)? On the other hand, how would this degree be viewed in industry compared to the others that I mentioned? Thanks again for your help.
  2. Is anybody familiar with Carnegie Mellon's new MS in Computer Science program? I know that CMU's overall reputation in computer science is very strong, but I've heard mixed things about this program because of the lack of a research component. It sounds like it's still possible to be involved in research while doing this program, but that a thesis is not allowed. I've been admitted into this program but I'm not sure about the quality of it for the reasons listed above and also because it's the only place I've been accepted, while I've been rejected from the programs at Princeton and UMCP
  3. Hi, all. I was hoping for some feedback on my chances of admission at various Master's programs. B.S. in CS from a second tier private university not known for computer science Minor in Mathematics Undergraduate GPA: 3.81 Major GPA: 3.92 GRE: 169 V, 170 Q, 5.0 AW 2 years working as a software engineer for a trading company in Chicago 2 LORs from superiors at work but only 1 from an academic source I'm applying for Master's programs at the following schools: Stanford Berkeley Carnegie Mellon UIUC (in-state) Georgia Tech Princeton UMD College Park Johns Hopkins Does
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