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  1. Yep, it came from my dept secretary.
  2. Oh, also if you worry, you might email your advisor if you have one. When I made my decision I emailed the dept and my advisors, as well as faxing in the reply.
  3. I was starting to have the same fear, because I faxed the reply in 4/14. A week later I saw something that said it should be sent by surface mail. Aaah! Then why put a fax number on the stupid form? (That would make for a great, implausible story to tell - yeah, um I could have gone to mit but I didn't send the form in the right way.) Anyway, a newsy email came yesterday, with my info on how to set up email, get web certificates, etc. I just talked to a woman entering a different dept and she heard earlier this week. So apparently it's just a matter of when your dept. sends it out -
  4. Crap. I just got my web certificate so I could access MIT housing office off-campus listings from afar, and they're mostly the dingy carpeted garden level studios and such that never get removed from craigslist. Also a few people who will waive rent in exchange for labor. Umm, no. PhD studies at MIT = labor enough for me.
  5. guestAshdown, or anyone for that matter, do you know what Edgerton House and the Warehouse are like? Ashdown is really pretty cheap, but I'd like more space and I don't think I could deal with a roommate (in my room, I mean; I'd consider sharing an apartment).
  6. What do you mean, to stay clean? Cheap soap?
  7. Yes, me too - state school to top-tier private. It's a little intimidating but I think we'll be ok. When visiting grad schools I was occasionally put on the defensive about my undergrad school. I'd scramble to explain that it's really good in my field (it is, damn it). Still, I could have gone to an Ivy less known in my field and NOT had to explain myself at this stage. I would have gotten really mad if anyone had said that to me. Just reading it pisses me off now.
  8. guesttt, have you tried MIT's housing office? I can't get in to see their off-campus listings from my computer but plan to go to the office in person in May/June. I hope they have good listings because, like you, I'm not finding much hope so far. It's a shock, having to pay so much for so little space. I've lived alone for a while and am not crazy about getting a roommate but there might be one in my future.
  9. rhodochrosite


    Anyone else going to MIT? What are you guys planning to do about housing? Has anyone visited grad apartments in Edgerton House? I cringe at the thought of living in grad student housing but at least it's close and heat & electricity are included. Craig's List hasn't given me much hope so far.
  10. Do you think participating in a joint program at MIT somehow "dilutes" the MIT PhD? (Prestige disclaimer: I recognize this is a silly concern, but I hope to get an academic job someday, and want to give myself every advantage within my reach.) At MIT I can pick EAPS geology or the joint program with Woods Hole Oceanographic Instiitute. Same advisor, essentially the same classes either way. I have talked to students and can't make up my mind.
  11. My range is 13,000 to 28,000. Throw out the outlier and it's 20,000 to 28,000. The 13,000 and 20,000 offers are in low COL places, while the 20,000+ range is for expensive cities. These are for PhD geosciences programs and health insurance, fees, etc. are included in all but one case.
  12. The WUSTL page cracks me up. "Avoid open-toed shoes since associated with social agendas." And "Women in general wear too many accessories at the same time." Excuse me?
  13. How did your visits go? Have you made a decision yet? Hear from Penn State? I've just finished my last visit and am having a hard time with the decision. In the back of my head I think I know what I want to do but I'm reluctant to jump too quickly.
  14. rhodochrosite


    I'm leaning very strongly toward MIT (EAPS); had a great visit and am eager to get to work on research there. Pretty nice $ too, though it's a ridiculously expensive place to live.
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