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  1. I'll be going to UCLA in the Fall. I really like what the program is about and I'm excited to be a part of it. Hope to see some of you there!
  2. UCLA & UW. I'm leaning towards UCLA but I already live in Seattle. I've had worse decisions to make though so I'm not going to complain too much.
  3. Well I'm in at UCLA and UW! I'm already in Seattle but I'm leaning towards UCLA. It's going to be a tough choice and I feel fortunate to have the option to pick between 2 pretty great programs, in my opinion. They're both quality, forward thinking, social justice focused programs so I dunno, like I said it will be tough. I notice a few people got into UW...anyone else considering UCLA? If any UW people have questions about Seattle I would be delighted to offer help if you want!
  4. Well just got a rejection from UT Austin yesterday. I'm in at UCLA though. Waiting on UW and UBC then it's decision time. I hope everyone gets the news they need soon...the waiting is awful. Also, have fun in Ann Arbor Bluebros....I lived there for over 10 years. It's a great place to live.
  5. Congrats Nikki! I was just accepted into UCLA as well...very excited! Going to visit in early March. Still waiting on Texas, Washington, and UBC but not a bad start.
  6. Well I'm not a masochist so I'm definitely not looking forward to the all of the waiting for decisions.
  7. grover3000

    Seattle, WA

    Capitol Hill is a pretty great place to live too. Rents can be expensive but it's not impossible to find deals here and there. Cap Hill is perfectly situated between downtown and the U-District. It's a pretty young, dense, vibrant district that caters to many types of people. There are tons of places to eat, endless things to do and the bus access is excellent. If you like people watching then Cal Anderson Park is a wonderful place to sit down and chill (especially on sunny days when they come!) Volunteer Park is a gem as well, a nice place to have a quiet walk and/or visit the Conservatory or Asian Art Museum. The 43 and 49 both run frequently to downtown and the U-District. Fremont and Wallingford would also be good choices too as other posters have mentioned. Ballard seems a little out of the ways, but thats just my opinion.
  8. Reading a biography of Robert F Kennedy & attempting to slug it through The Sound and The Fury again
  9. Well hopefully it works out for you there in Champaign. I also want to attend an on campus program. If I got into the UW Online program instead of residential, I probably wouldn't accept it even though it would mean I could stay in Seattle.
  10. UCLA app in. 2 more to go!

  11. UT-Austin MSIS app done!

  12. Where are y'all applying to?. I just finished my UT-Austin app and I'm also going to apply to UCLA, Washington, and UBC. I'm interested in social justice aspects of public librarianship. Cheers!
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