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    So I want to start this entry by thanking everyone who left a comment on my last entry. I was touched to see how many of you wrote such positive things, so thank you! It really meant a lot to read your encouraging words.

    I haven't forgotten about this blog, in fact I've been trying to come up with an idea for an entry for the past few weeks. I always try to write an entry with either a pensive or funny message, or sometimes both, but recently I haven't been able to come up with anything. So this entry might be more of me rambling than actually something insightful, but oh well. I really haven't made a lot of progress on this round of applications, mostly because I've been too busy TAing, tutoring, working on my thesis, and studying for the GRE. I did take the GRE a little more than a week ago, and even though I thought I had bombed one of the sections I ended up raising my overall score by 100 points (old scores). To be honest, I was hoping for a little bit more, but I will take it. I really didn't need that much of an improvement anyway so any improvement would have been fine, but I was excited when I saw my scores. My school list has been basically finalized for weeks, with the exception of one or two schools, so that is another thing to check off my list.

    So now I've moved on to asking my professors for LORs and writing my personal statement. I already know which profs I'm going to ask, as they were the ones who wrote letters for me last year, I just have to actually ask them. So here's the thing, I know I shouldn't complain because I know they will say "yes", but I always find it so awkward to ask them. Especially my main advisor for some reason. It always ends up being one of those cases where I know he will write a letter, and he knows I'm going to ask him (and if I didn't he would be seriously upset...he's my strongest LOR anyway), but it's still the formality that makes it awkward somehow. Did anyone else find this to be the case too? I will ask my advisor to buy something for the lab without a second thought, and yet for this it is just weird.

    As far as my personal statement, ugh. I haven't even started on it and yet that's how I feel about it. I hate writing personal statements with a passion. I would rather resit the GRE two more times than write a personal statement. I think the thing that gets me the most is that, usually I'm a good writer (though don't use this particular blog entry as proof!) but when it comes to my personal statement I just can't get anything to flow together. I either come across as too humble, or too arrogant. It's the balancing act I have trouble finding. I go through 7-8 drafts before I let anyone even see it, and then it goes through a few more after that. I know I need to start working on it but ugh that's all I can say right now.
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