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  1. Call now and leave a voicemail. This is something you'll want to talk to them about directly I'd think...
  2. I got a call last night offering me acceptance to a PhD program with $13,00/yr stipend-- I'm super excited and I already told my POI that I want to accept, but is emailing him today a bit quick? As in, will I look like I didn't do my homework or something? This is the only program I had the possibility of attending and he knows this, but I'm worried that I'll look desperate rather than CRAZY FUCKING HAPPY Also, I realized that I have a few questions about the teaching load and stipends that I feel like I should have asked during our interview. I want to attend regardless (unless it's a 3:
  3. Could the person who got into VCU social psych pm me your POI?
  4. I would say that you have a very strong chance of getting an offer, but like the POI said they're talking to applicants to find the best fit since money is tight. But at this point they know that you're a candidate who seems like someone they would want-- the question is whether there's another applicant who is more of what they want. It's also about your fit with the school so they're also gauging how you like/get along with the grad students and faculty.
  5. I want to amend what I said because it was way too pessimistic. It is definitely possible that some programs just have more applicants to sift through and haven't been able to contact people yet... good luck to you!
  6. Thank you! I guess you must have wow-ed them with your knowledge and personality but that is encouraging. I appreciate everyone else's input/support as well.
  7. Thanks; and good luck to you with your other schools! I realize I should just wait and I'll hear when I hear.
  8. For the places you didn't interview at, I would assume those are lost causes. I'm in the same situation as you are with CUNY so I'm not sure.
  9. I want to say that it might not always be "who declines" over "how many decline"-- I know someone who was told she was first on the waitlist for social psych, but if anyone accepted to any of the psych disciplines declined, she would get in.
  10. I hate even asking this because I know it's why we have the Results Search, but has anyone heard back from the VCU social psych program? I know they've sent out notices for clinical and health psych, but I don't know if I should assume not having heard anything = rejection at this point. Ughhh I just want to know...
  11. Washington University in St. Louis: Area: Social Rationalization:I wasn't really aware how incredibly competitive WashU was, so I guess I just wasn't "wow" enough. Also my research emphasis may not have been the best fit. Word: Sigh... U Oregon: Area: Social Rat: I don't know! I had a great research fit and interest in the program... maybe I just wasn't warm enough in my emails beforehand. Word: Aw...
  12. So, the short version is that I went to my interview incredibly under-dressed; while the other three applicants all wore grey suits I had on a green dress and boots... The long, but not really important, version is that for Interview Day last Friday I was one of two applicants to my POI's lab and four in total to the department. I actually live in the city near the school, so I had driven there from another meeting I had early in the morning. On the way there, I spilled coffee all over my suit so I had to run home and change into SOMETHING decent; the only thing I had clean was that dress.
  13. I was rejected from social, so there's that.
  14. I suggest checking out researchers who are prominent in the literature; if you have access to psychInfo you could do a search of the research being done and see where those people are working. Email them, explain your interest in the field, and ask if they might be taking on grad students next year.
  15. I just sent an email to the POI I want to work with... god I can't wait for this to be over so I can stop ruminating about it. I love how I spent much of the interview day talking about how awesome mindfulness and self-compassion is, and all I can do is worry about how it went! My fiancee is ironically the one who keeps telling me to stay in the present moment. Ah well...
  16. I can't help you with specific information, but I'm sure you can find some general questions that interviewers might ask on this site by checking the old threads. For a business-type degree I would expect them to do some situational questions, in which they would give you a scenario and ask what you would do.
  17. Yesterday I interviewed with a program I'm really excited about, and I was wondering if it's customary to send a thank-you note. I don't want it to seem like I'm sucking up in some aspect... but I'm really worried and I might be overthinking it. What have you all done in this situation?
  18. I know!! I'm in the same situation for 3/4 of my schools. I know I'm not a great candidate so my hopes aren't that high, but there is the possibility they're looking through applications throughout that cycle.
  19. I don't know, but from what I've heard, if you don't hear anything by the first wave you're either rejected or put on a waitlist. Though on the other hand, I've also heard of people getting accepted REALLY late in the semester, so I may be wrong.
  20. Heh. Thanks for that info! I'm also interested in the "What I Know Now That I Wish I'd Known Then" symposium, particularly the ones about handling rejection and building a career. Because, you know, there is the slight possibility that I actually make this dream happen.
  21. I mentioned 3 in each of them, but I put an entire paragraph for my favorite. Also, for 2/4 it was fairly obvious from my research interests and study proposals whom I'd want to work with. Also, now that it's on my mind, did anyone else put references in their SoP? By which I mean when I was talking about some of the research avenues I want to pursue, and I defended my ideas by citing a few authors briefly. I didn't have a full reference list, but I put parenthetical citations. Did anyone else do that or was I just being super weird?
  22. This is a great idea! I'm burnt out from reading papers so I might re-load my Sims 2 games onto my crappy laptop
  23. I would suggest sending the new one with a cover letter explaining that you had sent the wrong version of your SOP. You understand if they cannot look at the new one, but you humbly ask that they do so if possible.
  24. congratulations! *sadly check one box on the reject list*
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