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  1. Well I still haven't heard anything from almost everyone and I'm starting to wonder if that is a bad sign! So to help me maintain my sanity I thought I would post this! I interviewed at: Temple University-Clinical Psych: I was told, after emailing, that if someone doesn't accept the offer I should get a call CUNY-Health Psych/Clinical Science-Interviewed on 2/1 no response yet I applied but did not interview at: University of Delaware-Clinical Psych University of Maryland (College Park): Human Development University of Maryland (Baltimore): Human Services Psychology Fordham Un
  2. I heard back from Rutgers-Newark last week. I'm going in for a group interview, however I also applied from New Brunswick and heard nothing. I would think both campuses would notify around the same time.
  3. Thank you both for your advice, I'm getting married in June 2012 and my fiancee will be starting a Masters program at TCNJ in the fall, so I can't really leave the east coast. Thats why I'm only looking at programs in this area.
  4. Hello Everyone, I've been in a psychology Masters program for about a year and I will be applying for PhD programs in the fall. I figured I would list the programs here in the hopes that members here might either be there, or have been there, or perhaps just know something about the programs they would like to share. A little background, I'm a suicide researcher and therefore am not applying for a particular type of degree (e.g. Clinical, Developmental, Social...) but rather am applying at programs with people researching in my field (although all fall but one are Clinical Psychology PhDs).
  5. Hello, I didn't see a spot for Clinical applicants so I thought I would start one. I am currently enrolled in a Masters program and won't be applying for PhD programs until Fall '11. I am applying at both Clinical and Social programs (my area of research is suicide and as such I'm applying at programs that have faculty involved in suicide research). Clinical applicants, feel free to introduce yourself, discuss your interests, your fears, your hopes and dreams whatever you'd like!! John
  6. So here is my problem. My GRE scores was only 1140, however despite this I was able to get into a Masters program, however my long term goal is to go for my PhD and am trying to decide if I need to take the GRE's again. I am a prolific researcher, I have 8 projects currently underway 3 of which are about to be sent out for publication and the others should be done in time to be sent out before I apply next year. My GPA was 3.74 and I graduate with Honors from my undergraduate where I also was involved in research. What are your thoughts? Will the research I've done, along with the letters
  7. I am currently working on my Masters and checking out prospective PhD programs in both Clinical and Social psychology and came across a PhD program in Mental Health, does anyone know what a PhD in mental health is, I've honestly never heard of that before.
  8. I had to read Charles G. Lord's A Guide to PhD Graduate School: How they keep score in the big leagues, for my first class this semester and I thought I would mention it here, because I found it very helpful. He talks mostly about the importance of research and how different graduate school is from undergraduate.
  9. I applied only to masters programs, though my ultimate goal is a Phd. I did this because I felt my GRE scores were two low to be competitive in a PhD program, and I had more time to bolster my resume for the masters deadline than I did for the PhD.
  10. I know what hurt me when I took the subject test was the fact that I didn't make myself more rounded prior to taking the test. I focus mostly with Experimental, Abnormal and Personality psychology when I was an undergrad and didn't take any classes involved with Perception or Educational Psych. You can look online I believe and get the breakdown of the different subjects that will be covered by the test, but when I took it, I remember it being very Perception and Experimental with a touch of the other areas.
  11. I know elsewhere there is a topic about the dress code for Graduate school, however what is everyones thoughts on Grad Orientation. I assume most schools, mine included, do a wine and cheese and a dinner with presentations for grad school orientation, so what does everyone think would be appropriate attire for such an occasion?
  12. I went for the MA program because I wasn't a strong enough candidate to make it directly into a PhD program. Ideally, if your goal is to go for a PhD you would want to get into a PhD program and save yourself both time and money. Most PhD programs don't take into account the fact that you already have a MA so you would be spending two years getting an MA and then another 4/5 years getting your PhD. I don't know if the majority are getting their MA first, or why they would be, I just know my story which is that the MA was more realistically obtainable at the time.
  13. If you are confident you will do well on the Psychology GRE then taking it will only help strengthen your application. As far as I know, you have to apply specifically for a MA or PhD program, they don't usual place you into a MA program because you didn't get into the PhD program you applied at. However some programs do have terminal masters programs as part of the PhD process. As far as applying, my suggestion would be to apply at both PhD and MA programs. With a solid GPA, good GRE scores and research on your CV you have a good chance of getting into a PhD program, however they are highly s
  14. Well the GPA is a bit weak, however it depends on where you are intending to apply. I think PhD programs are going to be tough to get into but the MA programs may not be as bad. State schools may be a good fit for you, considering the weakness of the GPA. If you do well enough on the GREs it might help you out. My GPA was 3.7 but my GRE scores only totaled 1120 and I had research experience and I was accepted at a MA program. When I was first applying a professor I know told me that State schools will take everything into account a little more than will private universities.
  15. Salve!! Yup, it was a big help when I was waiting out acceptance/rejection letters and now I just enjoy posting and reading posts. How have you been?
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