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  1. I just finished my first semester a in PhD program. It is my understanding, and this can certainly be different in different programs, but the main thing to getting accepted is fit. Does the school think that you will fit in with the existing researchers, students and professors, in regards to research interests, background, and personality. As a PhD, it is more a job than mere student. You have to know why you want a PhD (go with a burning research question, NEVER that you want to teach in a college), why you think the school to which you are applying will help you achieve that goal, and whic
  2. I am now and have been an adjunct for some time at one college. Just this semester I have been teaching at another college in the university system. Luckily I have received a fellowship along with my PhD acceptance. I have already told one school that I am no longer available to teach. But the newer school is only a 30-minute drive from where I'll be going to school. Should I continue to teach that one class and consider it extra income? Or thank my lucky stars that I have no TA, GA, or RA responsibilities? I've already been assigned an advisor and been working with a research team. I'll be
  3. Real estate law will vary by state. However, unless a buyer has cash and doesn't care about appraisal, inspection, title search etc, it will still take 60-90 days to close. Most buyers will be getting a mortgage and that will certainly take 60-90 days. So, list your house ASAP and consider renting it out if it doesn't move in your time frame. I'm in a very fortunate position. My neighborhood is hot and there is not much inventory. I went with a broker because I have no time to be showing the house to real estate gawkers or pre-qualifying buyers. This broker has been working my neighborhood,
  4. Tried One Note but it did not seamlessly sync with my other devices. Evernote is my best friend. It has totally replaced my need for paper notebooks. I use Mendeley for document management and Dropbox for stuff I write and possibly want to share with others. I'm a little nervous about how little paper backup that I have. But it sure makes travelling and working a lot easier.
  5. Got my funding letter! Sending in the orange paper today. We're officially moving to NJ.
  6. I'm 50 and got accepted in a PhD program, likely with full funding. I'm hoping to find out the details this week. It is kind of late for Fall 2013, depending on the school. You'll need to look around and really pull a lot of documentation together in a very short period of time. In many cases, even if they are taking applications (i.e. Johns Hopkins until April 1), they are making financial decisions now. You might want to consider going non-matric for a semester then apply for Fall 2014, or Spring 2014. But you might run into funding issues for Spring of 2014 too. The schools are less
  7. Hand written "thank you" cards. I also gave a bottle of wine to the two I know who drink and some nice chocolates to the one I know does not drink. It is never too late to say "thank you."
  8. My daughter has been an undergrad there for three years with her dog. As for apartments, stick to the side of campus where the law school is. The other side of campus is near the stadium, gets really loud with lots of revelry, especially on game days and weekends. The apartment management company is on West Jefferson and they have a number of buildings, not all of them take pets. If the apartment they want to show you needs updating, telk them. They'll either take you to another one or update it before you move in. Definitel get that in writing. My daughter walks everywhere and has a friend w
  9. Brave, brave souls you all are! Our kids were toddlers when we went back to school. We took our time with undergrad and had lots of support. Never missed a parent teacher conference or school performance or organized party at school. BUT, I remember feeling totally innundated with laundry all the time. And often the time set aside for reading or writing was diverted to a sick child leading to me pulling all nighters and working on half a brain the next day or two or three depending on what was happening. Took a few years off to work before we did our masters. Yes it was hard working full t
  10. Ditto for Education PhD. I was told that a lot of students attending on RA or GA, lost funding due to grants ending and the school is commited to funding those students before taking on new ones. I was also told that the Dean of the college would be making a decision by the end of this week.
  11. All my colleagues and I are back in turtlenecks and/or scarves with winter's last, deep breath. In other words, you'll look like the rest of us. BC attire in general runs from nice business attire in the deans' offices to business casual. Tomorrow there will be very few people on campus due to Friday and it being a Jewish holiday. Good luck!
  12. Congrats Sumac77! I got my official acceptance in the mail this week. The program director said to expect a funding decision next week. He added, without promising anything, that it will likely come but a number of current students had grants run out and the GSE is committed to take care of them first. I've spoken to a number of people attending Rutgers or other PhD programs. They all advise me to take this offer based on the resources available, what I want to study, and what I want to do when I've earned my degree. Bottom line for me is without funding I can't go. But, I'm feeling re
  13. Letter of acceptance arrived yesterday. The iPad configuration I want is in the shopping cart awaiting my tax refund.
  14. As with all other graduate level research, look at the references in the papers that most move you intellectually. Where those researchers are or have been is where you want to be. That is the most specific I can be because the names of the departments and in which schools they are in varies widely by school. As for the leading programs in the field, that will again be determined by your interests.
  15. Bump to the new year. Anyone else looking to go to Rutgers? I'm still waiting on funding to make final decision. I'm thinking I should know by Tuesday when I meet with the program director. However, my SO and I have already started to look at real estate in <gulp> New Jersey. But the school has so many resources and doing research that really interests me.
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