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  1. I'm also finishing my 3rd semester and it has been really tough. I think part of it is, last year I was still so unaware of all the stuff I had to learn and now that I'm closer to mastering some things... I'm tired. We are going to be OK!
  2. So the people who are in my group project finally got back to me today (I don't count an email sent late last night as yesterday.) Project is due Monday. Good thing I did everything and have been keeping the instructor apprised.
  3. Oh man, I know that feeling. I was diagnosed almost 13 years ago. The grief is real... but it does get better. I promise.
  4. I think "not a good professional fit" is fine. It happens, and I really doubt that they are going to want to know any more than that, to be honest. How long were you there? Could you leave it out? The reason why I ask is because I went through the same thing, but was only at the job for a few months. I don't include it in my employment history.
  5. I hate group projects! The other two people in my group didn't show up for class last night, and we were supposed to work on some specific tasks during the class session. I share an office with them, so it will be *interesting* today.
  6. After a year together, the gap doesn't seem as bad because we all have to do the same work, you know? We all go through the same methodology sequence, so bonding over problem sets happens. But I can't say that I'm really "friends" in the hanging-out sense with anyone in my cohort, the way the younger students are. I'm in my middle-aged world, where I commute 1/2 hr to campus, and they live closer by. I do feel a little left out, but that's OK. I think that if I were also TAing, we'd have more points of connection, but I'm self-funded. (Working part time at my civil service job pays 2x
  7. Re: option 1 - I did that, only I'd taken a course with that professor for a full academic year. She did write a letter for me. This was back in 1996 when the applications were still mostly on paper. I airmailed all the materials to her. Try getting in touch with 1. But definitely work on 4.
  8. I just wanted to address the social anxiety issue. It's something that runs in my family somewhat, and I honestly believe that I was born with it as the result of a chemical imbalance. So you have tons of sympathy from me! I could relate a lot to what you said about being amazed that you made it as far as you have in the university system. This may not be the answer for you, but for me, getting on medication for my anxiety ~12 years ago has changed my life. By lowering the baseline distress, I was able to work on the cognitive stuff that needed to be done. Just a thought. In any case
  9. Year 2 and it's getting real.

  10. Does anyone else notice a weird tension or barrier when you have an instructor who is around your age? I find that I get along best with the faculty who are at least 5 years younger or older.
  11. I ended up using this last semester, and it worked out pretty well: http://www.ebay.com/itm/COACH-WEEKENDER-PACKABLE-OVERNIGHT-BAG-TOTE-OCELOT-BLACK-COSMETIC-BAG-F77405-/111354570667 Got it on the Coach Factory website. It's quite durable, though unstructured.
  12. Only about a month left to go! I've spent a lot of today either napping or reading articles. Got a paper draft to write and I feel like my brain is full. There was a bomb threat on campus Thursday and that was exciting.
  13. I have a stats/methods midterm in a few minutes. Not feeling that confident about it right now.
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