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  1. 38 days til graduation!!!

  2. It's been a while since I checked in here.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Finished my 2nd year, 1 left to go.  Already began working on my thesis, and about to get my 1st chapter signed off. :)

  3. I am not originally from Sacramento. I am from Florida... only been here 6 years, so it's always been Sac State to me because they refer to themselves as such.
  4. Hey everyone! I am nearly halfway through my 3rd semester and all is well. I got a new job starting in July and things have just taken off! I am no longer in a support position (administrative assistant), but a Policy Analyst... which is exactly what I am studying in my masters degree. Got one hell of a pay raise and good benefits. Never imagined it would happen this early in the game. So far I haven't had any struggles with my professors or fellow students, although I am not going to be finishing with any "strong" or "close" friendships. Most of the folks are a bit younger than I
  5. It's is weird that I have been on break for a month, and I am already anxious to start year 2? I still have another 2 months... I think I am going to read ahead.

    1. ahlatsiawa


      It is always a good idea to read ahead.

    2. NavyMom


      I think so too. I don't know what I am going to do with myself when school is officially done.

    3. Threeboysmom


      For me attending part time the finish line seems so far away.

  6. So one year into my program (two left to go)... already landed an interview for a policy analyst position (making double what I make now), and nailed the interview. I have already been told I am a top contender and I will definitely be coming back for a second interview. :) I have a good feeling about this!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ahlatsiawa


      Great news. Congrats!

    3. Munashi


      Congratulations! That's awesome news.

    4. Shamrock_Frog



  7. Okay my grades are finally in. A- and a B+. I'll take it. Now on to start stressing about Fall (start of year 2).

    1. ahlatsiawa
    2. Threeboysmom


      Good job. First year done, now on to second year you got this!

  8. I just finished my first year of the program, and I have two more (part-timer). I have a topic, and I have my first advisor. I also have major jitters. Has anyone started early, or know anyone that started early - and benefited from it? There is a class or two that I still need to take that I might possibly use for my thesis, but wondering how far I can get before taking these classes... My advisor is off for the summer on a sabbatical. So my question to all of you is... what do you suggest I do for my first step to this enormous project?
  9. Still waiting on final grades. Finals week just ended Friday. I don't think I have any nails left to bite. :/

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. AdilB990


      Best of luck, Tami! I'm sure you'll do well. :)

    3. Threeboysmom


      Wishing you the best.

    4. NavyMom


      Thanks everyone!!!

  10. One final done, another due by Friday. Registered for fall and books have been purchased and received already. I am ready for year 2!

    1. Threeboysmom


      Woo-hoo! Wishing you a relaxed summer and a wonderful 2nd year.

  11. I have chosen a topic for my thesis already (I am done with my first year, but I have two years left as I am a part timer). I have also chosen my main advisor, but still have yet to select my second reader. I have been given the direction to work on a prospectus for my chosen topic... the thing is, I haven't taken that class yet (It will be this fall) and I would like to get started on it this summer. Does anyone have ideas on how to do this? I am not getting much help from my cohort (unfortunately). I am going to do a cost-benefit analysis on suicide prevention and early inter
  12. Two more classes. 1 more 2pg paper, and 1 final "exam" (take home paper) to go. End of first year of grad school - done. :)

    1. Threeboysmom


      Job well done! It feels good to be at the end of the first year doesn't it?

    2. NavyMom


      Yeah... It's weird knowing we're already done with the first year. It has flown by so fast! I hope the rest of my program (2 years) goes by just as fast.

  13. Got the green light to start my thesis (and I have two years to work on it!) Also have my course sequence planned out... good to go! :)

  14. One month left of my first year. So weird. I remember just a year ago I was contemplating even applying to a Masters program. My biggest project was yesterday, I gave a 25 min presentation and nailed it. :) So proud of myself.

    1. 1Q84


      That's awesome! CONGRATS!~ :) I have a month left of my MA program too... how quickly it flew by!

  15. Spring Break.... HA! What a joke that is. Basically it is a week of time not dedicated to classrooms... but instead projects and long reading assignments to prepare for the next class meeting. Can't wait for summer to get here.

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