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  1. I am applying to PhDs in Finance for Fall 2019. I want to see if I can secure some external funding before starting my PhD. I haven't found much information, besides Fulbright. I am a permanent resident in the US, so any scholarship/funding opportunity that has as a prerequisite being a US Citizen is out of the question. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I don't know any good schools that will accept you with less than a 3.0. What GPA did you get during the last 60 credits you took? Some universities only look at the last two years of classes. If you have above a 3.0, then you might have a chance? How was your GMAT?
  3. It is low, compared to what other universities offer. Look at this link: http://www.phdstipends.com/results I think most universities offer around 16-17K a year
  4. Hello! Random question. When are you guys planning on sending declining letters to the programs you won't be attending? And if you don't mind sharing - what programs are they? Any of your guys declining Arizona or Utah? Thank you! Have a good day
  5. Anyone accepted to Arizona but thinking about going somewhere else? Please let them know soon
  6. Has anyone heard anything from Santa Cruz? I am also waiting on New Mexico. Has anyone have heard good or bad things about the PhD program at New Mexico? Thanks!
  7. Does anyone know if U Arizona has released all of their acceptances?
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