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  1. jmillar

    Do I have a chance?

    Not very many people post here on this topic, or chancing. You will likely have much better feedback here: https://forums.studentdoctor.net/
  2. jmillar

    Bioinformatics Programs

    There are other programs such as biomedical informatics and health informatics that might be more of what you're looking for. Many programs with the title bioinformatics can be a bit genome heavy. I would try contacting some of these PIs as well. I'm interested in a similar area to you, and my PI is in Mathematics, with an affiliation in bioinformatics. Wonderful programmer and helping me learn along the way.
  3. jmillar

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    I wouldn't say admission, but I received a few fee waivers from these events.
  4. jmillar

    American schools

    The percentiles change from year to year, but the average is around 150 for V and Q. It's a bit more bell shaped. Most try to shoot for above 150 for each, more quantitative programs try for above 160. Not sure if other countries accept it.
  5. jmillar

    Biostatistics Masters

    You might have more luck in the Math/Stats section as they cover biostatistics all the time.
  6. jmillar

    158V/169Q Econ Ph.D

    What is your quant score?
  7. jmillar

    Gift for internship supervisors

    For a my rotation lab I didn't end up joining, I dressed up a TB plush with a lab coat from Etsy, plus some fun things for it to hold.
  8. jmillar

    Grad school and mental illness--how do you cope?

    At my current university, this is true. If you hold a fellowship, they cover the annual fees for healthcare. But we have really good healthcare, so very few copays and meds are not too expensive. At my last university, this wasn't the case. Once I got to my new university, I set up time to go to the office for students with disabilities, which has made the transition more smooth.
  9. jmillar

    How did you find TheGradCafe?

    I was a McNair Scholar and I think it was mentioned in one of our seminars. Now whenever I go back to give a talk to them, I always mention Grad Cafe.
  10. jmillar

    Immunology/Microbiology PhD Program Suggestions

    I'm rotation right now through the Microbiology & Immunology (combined) department at UMich. If you're looking for an umbrella program, they have PIBS, which allows you to rotate in 14 different departments to find your fit. It is also walkable/bikeable and not too hot. You can see current student statistics here (choose Microbiology & Immunology in the top Field of Study drop down menu): https://tableau.dsc.umich.edu/t/UM-Public/views/RackhamDoctoralProgramStatistics/ProgramStatistics?:embed=y&:showAppBanner=false&:showShareOptions=true&:display_count=no&:showVizHome=no&FOSDParameter=All+Rackham
  11. jmillar

    Ann Arbor, MI

    It was around May 20th, for starting in September.
  12. jmillar

    Stipend budgeting/taxes

    You can still be on an internal university fellowship and not have taxes withheld (happens where I go). This will depend on a number of things: What type of funding (fellowship, RA, TA), what allowances you claim on your W4, and the state taxes in your area (if you keep your residence in a previous state or switch to Tennessee). If you have specific fellowships, taxes won't be withheld for you, but often in those cases you won't have to pay FICA tax, which is close to 8%. Assuming you have no special circumstances, filing single, making less that $38,000 a year, your tax rate will be 12% (more complicated than this: if you go for simple standard deduction, everything after $12,000 is taxed, with the first extra $9,500 taxed at 10%). If you switch your residence to Tennessee, they don't have income taxes, so you wouldn't have to worry about that part.
  13. jmillar

    NSF GRFP 2017-18

    For me, I'm using 3,4,5. I wanted to finish teaching my first year and during my second year I switched institutions and had a one year fellowship.
  14. jmillar

    NSF GRFP 2017-18

    Because I just can't focus this week, I've put together a table of past GRFP due dates and numbers of applicants so people in the future can compare the length of time between due date and notification. Data! Due Dates (~# applicants) 2019: Oct 22-Oct 26, 2018 1 2018: Oct 23-Oct-27, 2017 1 2017: Oct 24-Oct 28, 2016 1 (13K applicants) 2 2016: Oct 26-Oct 30, 2015 3 (17K applicants) 4 2015: Oct 29-Nov 4, 2014 5 (16.5K applicants) 6, 7 2014: Nov 4-Nov 8, 2013 8 (14K applicants) 9, 10, 11 2013: Nov 13-Nov 19, 2012 12 (13K applicants) 10, 11, 13 2012: Nov 14-Nov 18, 2011 14 (13K applicants) 11 2011: Nov 15-Nov 22, 2010 15 (12K applicants) 16, 17 2010: Nov 2-Nov 12, 2009 18 (12K applicants) 10, 19 2009: Nov 3-Nov 12, 2008 20 2008: Nov 1-Nov 9, 2007 21 (10K applicants) 10, 19 2007: Nov 1-Nov 13, 2006 22 2006: Nov 2-Nov 9, 2005 23 2005: Nov 17-Dec 10, 2004 24 2004: Nov 4-Nov 6, 2003 25 2003: Nov 7, 2002 26 2002: Nov 7, 2001 27 2001: Nov 7, 2000 28
  15. jmillar

    NSF GRFP 2017-18

    Likely around 3am-5am EDT. Not sure what time it came out last year.

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