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  1. When this message board was more popular a while back, some of us would stay up all night on the GRFP thread during the scheduled maintenances that matched up. Usually the first one seriously suspected would end up being the correct one. The March 17th one through us for a loop a few years back because it seemed too early. Good luck to everyone staying up tonight.
  2. I like the EEB department and feel more at home there. A lot of students there seem to have a good work life balance. I think funding can be harder to come by, but if you're working on more bioinformatics problems or modeling, there are more resources. The insurance we get is the best I've ever had and may ever have (because we've managed to keep most of the benefits since unionizing in the 70's). I haven't specifically taken courses in CCS, but I've taken many different classes all over the campus. Collaboration across departments is encouraged and we even have internal funding that's sp
  3. That's good to know! I'm in BIOINF, but my advisor is in EEB and Complex Systems. If you have any questions, I might be able to answer them. There are other funding sources on campus, including around a dozen different training grants, so there may be other ways go get funding during other semesters.
  4. Is this for Bioinformatics or EEB? I'm a little surprised about the funding distinction as I didn't think Bioinformatics did that. Maybe it's new?
  5. I update this every year. These are the first mentions of people getting the email, but some do receive them later: 2020: Tuesday, March 31 (right near midnight 30/31st) 2019: Tuesday, April 9 2018: Tuesday, April 3 2017: Friday, March 17 2016: Tuesday, March 29 2015: Tuesday, March 31 2014: Tuesday, April 1 2013: Friday, March 29 2012: Friday, March 20 2011: Tuesday, April 5 2010: Tuesday, April 6 2009: Friday, April 10 & Tuesday, May 19 (released in 2 batches) 2008: Tuesday, April 1 2007: Friday, March 23 2006: Thursday, March 30 2005: Saturday, April 9
  6. Subject tests have been canceled until April 2021 ( https://www.ets.org/s/cv/gre/the-americas/ ). I would hope programs waive them for the coming cycle.
  7. They are supposed to be equally important, but I could see some reviewers being more lenient on one or the other due to their preferences.
  8. Since the new solicitation has already been released, looks like it's time to start a new thread for the upcoming NSF GRFP cycle. Biggest changes were the identification of specific priority research areas: “n FY2021, GRFP will emphasize three high priority research areas in alignment with NSF goals. These areas are Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Information Science, and Computationally Intensive Research. Applications are encouraged in all disciplines supported by NSF that incorporate these high priority research areas.” NSF has stated this will not change their review proce
  9. I made a column that mentions if you can submit the GRE even if they are waiving it, and whether they explicitly recommend it or not. In several cases, I've added "strongly recommended" if mentioned.
  10. Many programs are waiving the GRE right now: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1j-7-kThlYphF9D0HX1aSNFYl8ksFrIgD68Qz0njHYAY/ There are currently 788 entries: 344 permanent, 444 temp for COVID-19 (Masters: 672, Doctoral: 116). So far I've counted 116/198 CEPH accredited programs, with 21 from the top 25 ranked by US World News. With the SOPHAS application opening on August 18th, it's possible we'll see more additions in the coming weeks.
  11. Still waiting for more clarification from NSF. A letter has been written to NSF and is still collection more signatures, in hopes to reverse the change or get more clarification on how this will be carried out in the review process. https://jasonjwilliamsny.github.io/grfp2020/
  12. I had that happen twice. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. I remember hearing in the past that the number of awards in each category is proportional to how many apply for those categories. This was from someone who was a GRFP reviewer for 20 years.
  14. I've seen several people on twitter that got emails saying their proposal was rejected for being disease related, so you would likely have received an email if that was the case for you.
  15. Went through my emails to find the time for 2014: April 1 @ 3:09 AM Eastern
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